Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lunch of the Day (w/pic)

That's right ... today, my lunch consisted of exactly one small bag of pretzels and a diet cola. Not exactly what I would call a healthy menu, but the pretzels are low in fat and only about 160 calories. Anyway, tonight, I'm planning to eat out at a Piccadilly Cafeteria, and I intend to get a small chopped steak, plus two vegetables. That might make up for lunch. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lunch of the Day (w/pic)

My lunch consisted of a Wendy's quarter-pound, double-stack cheeseburger and a side salad, with ranch dressing. I didn't eat the top part of the bun; that's why it has been removed. The diet that I'm (more or less) following only called for one piece of bread. Actually, I'm not supposed to eat any white bread, but, today, I made an exception. Also, I didn't use the entire contents of the salad dressing pouch. Yay, me!

The restaurant had run out of plastic forks, so I had to eat the salad with only a spoon! Using it to hold the cheeseburger down, I cut it into bite-sized pieces and ate them ... with the spoon. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lunch of the Day (w/pic)

This is what I had for lunch: a grilled chicken California Cobb salad, from McDonald's. Since I couldn't make a photograph, I snagged this picture from the Internet. Posted by Hello

Dinner of the Day (w/pic)

My bad! I went out of town, today, and took my camera, so that I could make a photograph of my "lunch of the day." The only problem was that I forgot to take the camera's memory card, so ... no "lunch of the day" photograph, today. Bah! Anyway, here is my "dinner of the day" photograph.

The entree was white-meat chicken, sauteed in garlic, onions, and soy sauce. The vegetables were strips of red bell pepper and fresh, steamed broccoli. The small bowl contains a serving of Perfection Salad, which is gelatin, chopped cabbage, celery, and pimento.

Just for the record, I had a grilled chicken California Cobb salad, at McDonald's Restaurant. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

"Taco" salad (w/pic)

Today's lunch was a Taco Supreme salad from Wendy's Restaurant. Basically, it is a green salad, with chili on top. Also, you get chips, salsa, and sour cream. Posted by Hello

Reinstalling Windows

Last night, I decided to reinstall the operating system on my home computer. I use Windows XP Home Edition. So, at 6:41 pm, I shut off the computer, unhooked all of the cables, and opened the case. Then, I unplugged the data and power cables to the second hard drive, closed the case, reconnected all of the cables to the computer, inserted Darik's Boot and Nuke v.1.0.1 disk, and rebooted the computer.

I started DBAN in interactive mode, selected the "quick erase" method, turned off verification, and, at 6:47 pm, began wiping the C:\ drive. At 7:00 pm, wiping was forty-one percent complete. Sixteen minutes and eight seconds into the wipe, it was fifty percent complete. The wipe was complete at 7:24 pm.

Then, I removed the DBAN disk, labeled it, and powered off the computer. I rebooted the computer, inserted the Windows XP Home Edition operating system CD, and chose the regular, instead of the "fast," format option.

At 8:05 pm, formatting of the partition was complete. At 8:10 pm, the installation program reported thirty-nine minutes to completion. Fourteen minutes later, at 8:24 pm, the installation was complete.

At 8:28 pm, I removed the operating system installation CD and inserted the XP SP2 CD. AT 8:44 pm, Windows XP SP2 finished installing, and I restarted the computer. At 8:48 pm, I began installing Norton SystemWorks 2005 Premier. I chose the custom install to install all components. At 8:53 pm, I restarted the computer and removed the SystemWorks CD.

At 8:58 pm, I checked and discovered that the system drive had been designated E:\, because I forgot to unplug the CF card reader (which had become drive C:\)! I decided to reinstall the operating system, so that the system drive would be designated C:\. I unplugged the CF card reader.

At 9:00 pm, I inserted an Acronis Drive Cleanser CD and restarted the computer. I selected the fast wipe, and the program estimated twenty-three minutes remaining. The wipe completed at 9:29 pm, and I began installing the operating system. This time, I chose the quick formatting option.

The installation of the operating system was complete at 9:55 pm, and I started installation of the Windows Backup application. At 9:57 pm, I shut down the computer in order to reconnect the second hard drive.

At 10:04 pm, after reconnecting the second hard drive, I powered the computer back up and changed the CD-RW drive to drive letter E:\ and the second hard drive to drive letter D:\. The system had designated the system drive as C:\, just as I wanted. The reason that I wanted the system drive to appear as the C:\ drive, was because the Alohabob PC Backup program that I have assumes that the system drive is the C:\ drive. If the system drive is not the C:\ drive, then the backups will not be done properly.

Installation of the XP SP2 began at 10:09 pm and completed at 10:24 pm, after which I began installation of Norton SystemWorks with the default settings. At 10:38 pm, I started installation of Norton Personal Firewall 2005, and, at 10:46 pm, I began installation of BellSouth FastAccess Extreme ADSL service.

At 10:56 pm, I started downloading and installing eighteen Windows updates and ten Semantec updates. After rebooting the computer, I downloaded and installed four more Symantec updates.

At 11:27 pm, I began a full system scan with Norton AntiVirus and went to bed. This morning, I checked to see if any virus had been found. It had not. 292,045 files were scanned in fifty-two minutes and fifty-two seconds.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Roses (w/pic)

Rose bush in the yard of someone (I don't know who) in the neighborhood. I parked on the curb, stayed in the driver's seat, and took the picture. I plan to go back, in a day or two, and take a closeup of some of the blooms, assuming, of course, that they are still pretty. Posted by Hello

Couscous (w/pic)

Lunch today was Lemon Couscous Chicken (with freshly steamed broccoli flowerets), cucumber slices, and slices of fresh tomato, with water to drink. After the meal, I had a cup of Postum® with vanilla caramel Coffee-mate® coffee creamer. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Lunch with bulgar (w/pic)

This is the homemade version of Mediterranean Chicken Salad, prepared by Mom. It was delicious! The recipe came from The South Beach Diet book, by Dr. Arthur Agatston. The salad contained bulgar, which is cracked wheat. Preparation of bulgar is easy: pour boiling water over, let set thirty to forty minutes, pour excess water off. That's it! To drink, I had a cup of Postum®, which is a coffee-like drink made with finely ground wheat and boiling water. By itself, however, I find Postum® to be bitter, so, for flavor, I added some vanilla caramel Coffee-mate® creamerPosted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005

Lunch at work (w/pic)

Today, I ate my lunch, which consisted of two approximately one-inch-square pieces of reduced fat cheddar cheese, in the conference room at the company where I work. Posted by Hello

Coffee break (w/pic)

On my morning coffee break, I had a Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie and a cup of French vanilla cappuccino, while I worked the New York Times daily crossword puzzle. Posted by Hello

Pope names leader of top doctrinal post

Pope Benedict XVI named Archbishop William J. Levada of San Francisco as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican agency charged with protecting and promoting the church's teachings on faith and morals.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lunch at Wendy's (w/pic)

My lunch today was a Chicken BLT Salad at the Wendy's Restaurant on High Street. I had ordered a Mediterranean Chicken Salad to eat in. The customer behind me in line ordered the same thing, except her's was to go. When I got to the pick up area, the lady behind the counter presented me with my order in a bag, so, naturally, I let the lady behind me take it. (Hey, it was already in a bag.) Then, come to find out, the restaurant was out of Mediterranean Chicken Salads! They offered to make one, but I settled for the Chicken BLT Salad, instead. I asked for Ranch dressing, but they would have had to go into the back to get some, so I settled for Thousand Island dressing.

The salad was very tasty. As I was walking to my car, a man approached me. I asked him what he needed. He said that he was hungry. I gave him a couple bucks. He thanked me. "Be careful out there," I said. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Good books

Eric W. Lengell, a self-described student, has an excellent Listmania! list on, entitled, "Classics in philosophy, politics, economics, and history." Hayek and Sowell are prominently represented.

Cat Cora (w/pic)

Cat Cora, the first female Iron Chef, is from Jackson, Mississippi, my home town. There's also a story in the home town newspaper. Posted by Hello

Rechargeable! (w/pic)

These are the rechargeable batteries that I bought at Wal-Mart for my Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart 215 digital camera (which I, also, bought at Wal-Mart). I've been very pleased with both the batteries and the camera. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

Pretty flower (w/pic)

This flower was growing outside the company where I work, along with a bunch of weeds. I have seen this type of flower growing in bunches along the roadside, but I don't know the name of it. I've seen them every year for as long as I can remember. I think that it is a pretty wildflower. Click on picture to view larger version. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Special Report: Inside an Illegal Alien Rally

Michelle Malkin's web site, and her "The Immigration Blog," are the "go-to" sites for the truth about illegal immigration and how it is, unquestionably, having an adverse impact upon American society. Now, she has infiltrated an "amnesty for all" rally, and reports on what she saw. Photographs are included. You go, girl!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Errands and chores

This morning, as is usual on Saturday, I took my Mother to the pharmacy, the post office, and the grocery store. After lunch, I added some oil to the lawn mower's engine, mowed half of my Mother's back yard, came into the house, drank a Coca-Cola, and mowed the other half. I watched some of the movie, "Blade Runner." Then I mowed the front yard. Just before I went to bed, I made my Mom a Mothers' Day card.

Fragrant flowers (w/pic)

This is a photograph of some of the flowers on one of the sweet-smelling bushes in my Mother's yard. I don't know the name of the bush, but it has a wonderful fragrance. You can click on the picture to view a larger version. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I've got my eye on you (w/pic)

Using the "macro" mode on my antiquated Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart 215 digital camera. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Needless suffering

An Associated Press item appearing on details how Islamic preachers convinced parents not to have their children vaccinated against polio, because, they said, it was part of a U. S. plot against Muslims.

I do not believe that there was any U. S. plot against Muslims, and the allegation by the Islamic preachers, which resulted in many children not being vaccinated, has led to a resurgence of polio in nations where it had been eradicated.

Nearly two years after radical Islamic preachers told parents to refuse to have their children vaccinated against polio for fear it was part of a U.S. plot against Muslims, the repercussions are still being felt: A Nigerian strain of the virus that causes the crippling disease has cropped up as far away as Indonesia.

The wall (w/pic)

This is the bulletin board and a wall, which I use as if it were a bulletin board, in my office. There is one, framed photograph on the wall. It is of my Father. He was a really great guy, and I surely do miss him. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Mexico detained two U.S. border patrol agents during a routine border check that uncovered a box filled with illegal ammunition in their car, the Mexican federal attorney general's office said Tuesday.

This looks to me as if the Mexican government is harassing our border patrol agents. Could it be that they are retaliating for the recent Minuteman Project's success in stemming the tide of Mexican citizens illegally entering the U. S.?

Monday, May 02, 2005

A family birthday

Well, today was my Mother's eighty-fourth birthday. Last night, after she went to bed, I put eighty-five dollars and a "Happy Birthday!" note at her place at the dining room table (where we eat all of our meals), so that she would see them first thing this morning. I used to give her gift certificates to a near-by department store, but it went out of business; besides, she would save the gift certificates, sometimes for months, before using them, so I switched over to cash. I always give her one dollar more that her age, thereby giving her "one to grow on."

Before I left for work, I put the "special" plate at her place. It is a blue plate with the legend, "Today is your day. Celebrate!" painted in white around the rim. She told me that she ate her lunch on it.

After work I took her to her favorite place to eat out, a local cafeteria. As we were going through the serving line, she happened to mention to a couple of the servers that today was her birthday. One of the servers reached into her shirt pocket, whipped out two one dollar bills, and gave them to my Mother. Not to be outdone, the other server reached into her shirt pocket, whipped out a five dollar bill, and gave it to my Mother. Those workers probably don't earn a very high wage, and, yet, they gave freely of their money. It touched my so much that I asked for their names and birthdays, so that I could return the favors. The first server's name is Tameka. Her birthday is on June the fourteenth. The second server's name is Pamela, and her birthday is July the twenty-fifth.

After I finished my meal, I went up to the cashier to get some change for a twenty dollar bill, so that I could leave the waitress, who carried my Mother's tray to our table, a tip. While I was getting my change, the cafeteria manager told the cashier that he was taking care of our bill! Wow!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Prisoners and the Internet

Should individuals in prison have access to the Internet? I don't think so; however, FOX News has posted an Associated Press article, entitled Inmates Turn to Intermediaries for Web Access, on the web site.

A visit to the cemetery

Usually, I take my Mother to do her errands, such as grocery shopping, every Saturday morning. This week, it was different. I took her to the grocery store Friday afternoon, after I got off work.

Saturday afternoon, I took her to her church to have her photograph made for inclusion in the members' directory. She will, also, get a free eight inch by ten inch color photograph, "suitable for framing." After we left the church, we went to the Family Dollar store and bought some artificial flowers to take to the cemetery.

Sunday afternoon, after we had eaten lunch and my Mother had watched the church service on television, I prepared the flowers, dividing the four bunches that we had bought into two sprays. I then wrapped old newspapers around the stems of each spray and tied them, tightly, with twine.

We rode out to the cemetery, and, after setting up a folding chair for my Mother, I put a spray into the vase on my Father's marker and a spray into the vase on my sister's marker. My Father died four years ago. Had he lived, he would have been ninety-four years old, yesterday. My sister died nineteen years ago, when she was forty-three.

"Old media" vs. "new media"

Hannibal has written a succinct summary of the topic.

If you follow US politics and opinion journalism even peripherally, then you know that the one thing that the entire political spectrum--right, center, and left--can agree on is that the American news media is in trouble. Of course, pundits from different ends of the spectrum disagree on their diagnoses of the problem and on their prescriptions for a cure. If you listen to the left, the success of Fox News, talk radio, and Sinclair Broadcasting has not only polluted the waters of political discourse, but it has also motivated less openly partisan news outlets like CNN and Time to move to the right in search of an audience. The right, for its part, never misses an opportunity to decry the bias of the so-called "MSM," an acronym that used to mean one thing in HIV/AIDS public health circles but has now come to mean "mainstream media."

Professor Bainbridge vs. The Minuteman Project

I am tired of "reporters" in the partisan media, which used to be the "mainstream media," and pointy head academics, most, if not all, of whom have no, or very little, knowledge about the subject, trashing the Minuteman Project. So is Michelle Malkin. Her latest post on the subject is, "Stop Smearing the Minutemen."