Thursday, October 30, 2003

Think of the Children

Chicago teachers take first step toward strike
Hatch proposal angers activists

"Conservatives are furious over a Republican proposal to create two new Michigan-based judicial seats in exchange for getting Sen. Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat, to lift his blockade on four of President Bush's nominees from that state."
Huge fires continue to burn in California.
Officials said that as of Wednesday night there were 18 confirmed deaths in Southern California, two in adjoining areas in Mexico and that a total of 2,427 homes were destroyed along with 634,000 acres.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Horrors! New study reveals that "more than a third of kids under 6 have a TV in their bedroom." Is it just me, or are children younger than six years of age probably not very discerning judges of what would be good, and what would be harmful, for them to watch on television?

Years ago, the then-Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Newton Minnow, proclaimed television to be "a vast wasteland." In my opinion, it hasn't changed for the better.

Monday, October 27, 2003

From an Associated Press article on
The international Red Cross said Monday it is considering cutting back its operations in Iraq after a bomb attack on its Baghdad headquarters that shook the neutral Swiss-run organization.
Maybe it is self-evident; even so, it bears repeating: That's exactly what the terrorists want! That is why the Red Cross absolutely, positively must not cut back its operations.

After the Baghdad headquarters of the United Nations was bombed, that organization cut their staff back to a skeleton crew, and, sadly, I wouldn't be suprised if the International Red Cross did the same, which would, once again, leave the United States of America to do to do the work of others, with scant appreciation.
From the BBC, by way of Drudge Report, comes this story about how a Muslim in Italy succeeded in getting the courts there to ban crucifixes from classrooms in a state kindergarten, a move which has "shocked" the Roman Catholic Church.
"You cannot remove a symbol of the religious and cultural values of a people just because it can offend someone," said a leading prelate, Cardinal Ersilio Tonini.

A number of government ministers were similarly outraged.

"It is unacceptable that one judge should cancel out millennia of history," said Labour Minister Roberto Maroni.
Why didn't the Roman Catholic Church take such a stand in the United States of America were making the same types of rulings?

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I took Mother to a Radio Shack store in the neighborhood, and she bought a new, big-button, corded telephone. The one that she had was worn out. It has one-touch buttons for fire, police, and ambulance, which are nice. The phone is caller ID-ready, but she won't use that capability, since she doesn't pay BellSouth for that service. We bought the phone from Tamika, a nice saleslady.
The number of arrests made by agents of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, under the leadership of Frank Melton, continues to mount.
Eric Stringfellow writes in The Clarion-Ledger newspaper about the lack of cooperation and the incompetance between and among criminal "justice" agencies and personnel in Jackson, Hinds County, and Mississippi.
UFO seen by several people in Colorado.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

What a bunch of maroons!

War protester says, "The U. S. government has no right to try and recolonize Iraq." I've got a news flash for the protesters: The war was against the regime of Saddam Hussein; it was not about "recolonizing" Iraq. As usual, the war protesters resort to lies and obfuscation, because the truth will not support their position.