Sunday, September 30, 2001

For those who want to make a real impression on Halloween: Corpses For Sale
Was involved in an automobile accident this evening. Here's how it started: My plan was to take the wash to the laundromat. I left the house about four fifteen this afternoon, after remarking that I hoped the change machine at the laundromat was working. When I got there, guess what?

The change machine was not working. As luck would have it, I had just enough to feed two of the four-dollar washing machines. I got the clothes started washing and went to another laundromat for change.

Fortunately, the change machine at the other laundromat was working. I got five dollars worth of quarters and began driving back to the first laundromat. Several cars in front of me stopped in the lane of traffice in order to allow someone to make a left turn. I stopped. The car behind me didn't.

The 1997 silver Ford Escort sedan, which I was driving, was slammed into the gray 2001 Chevrolet Impala in front of me. The lady behind me was driving a 1990's tan Mercury Grand Marquis. She tried to say that after I ran into the Chevrolet, my car bounced back into her car. I don't think so!

I telephoned 911 to report the accident. The emergency operator lady wanted to know the colors of all the automobiles involved. "I can't tell the color of the car behind me," I said. "My back window is dirty. Just send someone, O. K.?!"

A police officer arrived shortly. He asked me for my version of what happened, first. I told him, the man who was driving the automobile which I ran into agreed with me, and the lady who ran into the car that I was driving agreed (somewhat reluctantly, I thought). "So, everybody concurrs," the police officer said.

The owner of the Chevrolet (who was accompanied by his wife) drove his car home. He and his wife live near where the accident occurred. Their car was only slightly damaged. The Ford and the Mercury both had to be towed. Not knowing where else to have it towed, I had it towed to the nearest service station that operates wreckers.

The police officer offered to give me a lift home, an offer which I readily accepted. All this time, the clothes are at the laundromat, having long since finished washing. When I got home, arrangements were made for someone to give me a ride to the laundromat to retreive the clothes. I was hoping that they were still there. They were. Since I live in a home without a washer or a dryer, arrangements were made to have someone dry the clothes at their home and deliver them to me tomorrow. For twenty dollars.

Oh, did I mention that when the police officer dropped me off at home, my other car's battery was dead? I decided to call a service station tomorrow to see if they could send someone to give my (dead) battery a boost. I don't know if that will work, or if I'll be forced to purchase a new battery. More tomorrow.